• Prom 07

    prom 07

    Mariner had it's prom last weekend... the highlight of each school year, the party of the year. So i decided that I , of course , will go there. Now in prom u have to dress up. the jacket that i brought with me was to samll and i went and rented one for 30 $. A group of people asked me if i want to go with them in a limo. "driving to prom in a limo? SURE!" so another 50 $. So on Saturday we finally met at a japanese steak house 2 h before prom. That restaurant was amazing! they make the food infront of your eyes on a heated plate and a cook is also an entertainer. it is really really cool. He started by putting some alcohol in the form of a smilie face on the plate and igniting it... big flame =).
    After that he started doing the dishes.. rice, than vegis, and last the main dish (wathever u ordered).
    It was sooo good.

    And after that we went to prom.
    The theme was "Hollywood" and they had a red carpet, the walk of fame with the names of the prom court on the stars.
    And the dance room itself was decorated in black, white, gold and a red carpet. they also had the Hollywood sign on the wall. I was really suprised how nice the room was decorated..
    ... but the music -.- all but 5-10 songs were Rap..senseless rap.
    Now that was somewhat annoying, but what really pushed me over the edge was that they played a "Cha-Cha-Slide". They played it and everyone was facing in different directions. So as the guy gave directions the crowd was running into eachother... now the best: "Cha Cha now ya'all" and they moved in such a wired way.. arghhhh. That was too much for me...
    So i waited for 4 h to finally get home. So what did I do during the 4h? looking and the pretty girls there ^^ i am only a guy =). And the girl looked awesome.

    So all in all the prom was not really soo nice for me..the music was trash and i didn't dance at all. gonna do that as soon as i come back. (steffi and dani u gonna help me with that ^^).

    So i uploaded the pictures that i took and get some pictures from myspace of girls and guys that were there

    Greetings Alex

    P.s. or

  • LK and GK / Majors and minors

    So finally i selected my Majors and minors

    Here are mine

    English (LK), Economy and Law (LK), Physics (Abi), History (Colloquium),German, math,Religion ,sport, Art(only 12th grade), Biology (12th grade) and Drama (12th grade)

    That gives me 116 h in my 12th grade and 104 in 13th

    greetings alex

  • Motorcycle

    w00t w00t!

    I got my motorcycle license ^^

    after 4 days and $250 I got my license.

    I set in theory for around 7h and took such an easy test at the end.

    I passed with 98 % right (1 missed answer).

    We also had 2 times 3 h of driving and a driving test.

    I score 1 point below perfect ;)


    Greetings Alex

  • Motorcycle Class

    I started it!

    I have finally started the motorclycle class.

    It started yesterday at 6 pm and ended at 9 pm.

    it was basically a theory day.

    On saturday we are allowed to ride the bikes. WUhu

    They have a Ninja (A NINJA!!!) to test ride ^^

    I do want to ride that thing on my last day....

    Greetings so far


  • California

    Hey folks,

    so the spring break started over here and now I found the time to write about CA.

    My first day in CA started at 9pm and after 7h of flight and crossing of 3 time zones...

    I arrived at the hotel and went to my room with 3 other guys, 2 from germany and one from China. The chinese guy had his laptop with him and we played almost every night soccer on there. The hotels we stayed in both offered free internet access whih was pretty nice.
    In the room we had 1 bed and 1 sleeping couch. we took the cushion and put 4 of them on the ground and one guy slept on that. so thats how we kept our honor ;) The two guys that slept in the bed already new each other from their homestate georgia.

    The second day was a guided tour trough Sani and its main attractions, China Town, Union Square, Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz (from a distance), Pier 39, Haight Street, and the "Full House" House. It was pretty interesting and really really beautiful.

    And on the 3rd day was a visit at the "Golden Gate Bridge" and Pier 39 with a view at "Alcatraz". We also took a boattrip underneath the "Golden Gate Bridge" and drove by "Alcatraz". Alcatraz has its name from the spanish that means "Island of the Albatros" and it is true. There were so many of them, it was crazy..

    The 4th day was the transfer trip with a view on the "San Adreas Fault", "Santa Barbara" and a "Dutch town". The day was mainly traveling so there is not so much to tell about.

    Now the next day was a sight seeing. We went to Rodeo Blvd, Beverly Hills, Disney Concert Hall, Chinese Theather, Kodak Photo (home of the Oscar night) and of course the Hollywood sign and the Walk Of Fame!
    I had lunch in HOOTERS, the best restaurant ever. Just enter it in google and you know why ^^
    But that is all that LA is about... At the evening we went to Universal Studios and ate in the Hard Rock Cafe, it was really amazing.

    The 6th day is a pure beach day at Venice beach and Santa Monica beach... both are really nice and sandy beaches. Santa Monica has a Pier with a amusement park ON IT!
    They had a commercial shot while i was there.
    What happend on Venice Beach was that i felt asleep on the beach ^^.
    I was soooo tired so it was quite nice to sleep somewhat ;)

    And the last day was in DISNEYLAND!!!
    Disneyland is awesome... in that park is a rollercoster with sharp turns, ups and downs, and a nice speed AND THE RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS MUSIC IS PLAYING OUT OF 2 SPEAKER RIGHT BEHIND YOUR EARS !!!!!
    It is the best rollercoaster i have ever driven 88|
    There was also a "Parade of Dreams" which had "Alice in Wonderland", "Lion King", "Ariel", "Snow White and the 7 Dwarves", "all the princess that Disney has" and of course MICKEY AND MINNIE!

    So the day I flew back to Miami we left the hotel at 12 pm and my plane left at 11.20 pm.
    (explanation: 12pm = noon) so i had to wait 11h till my plane left -.-
    after 11h waiting, almost 6h flight and flying trough 3 time zones i was soooo tired but finally arrived in Tampa, waited another 2 h and met with my fammily after a 1 h drive at a restaurant, 1.5h away from home. (Got it?! :b )


    Greetings Alex

    P.s. most of the pictures i took are now up on the net! AND new domain:

  • Return

    Wuhu I am back from California!


    I took around 800 pictures so it will take some time to get them organized and uploaded...

    But i am going to do that soon..


  • Arrive in LA

    Hey guys, we have a chinese dude in our room and he has a laptop and we get Internet for free!

    So 2 days ago we were in San Francisco, a really pretty nice town!

    I took around 300 pics in only 2 days!... gotta sort them before I upload them...

    Now today we arrived in LA!! Sweet!

    Our hotel is on a mainstreet and the hotel is really nice, but we have 4 guys in 1 room with 2 beds... yes 4 guys 2 beds --> gotta be somewhat gay -.-

    Na so far so good! More detail as soon as i am back in FL..

    Btw. we have 8 hours difference to germany over here in CA

    Greetings Alex

  • Claifornia

    Sweet! i am going to califonrna so i won't be here for the next 8 days or so.

    I' going to see LA and San Fracisco, Hollywood, Alcatraz, Disneyland, the Beach and so much more... I am sooo excited! I an promise you a lot of pictures as soon as I am back!

    Greetings Alex

  • Everglades rock!

    last saturday I went to the evergaldes at night together with my Astronomy teacher.

    The SouthWest Florida Astronomy Society (SWFAS) had a project there and I wanted to go.

    Mr Kelly was so nice and took me down there.

    The sun set and after 30 minutes the sky was full with stars! It was soo amazing.

    I have never in my life seen that many stars!

    I could even see the Milky Way from that spot...

    While I was down there i took some pictures. I tried to take pictures from the night sky but it didn't come out the way it was...

    here are the pics.

    Upcoming Event: Trip to CALIFORNIA. WUhu!!

    Greetings Alex

  • Alex on TV

    As wierd as it sounds: I was on TV!

    My acting class is performing a Anti-Drug Play at a church and I decided to participate ;)

    So we arrived there and the news overwatched what we did.

    At 10.30 pm i was going to bed as Marjean yelled " ALEX IS ON TV".

    So I hopped out of my bed, in jeans and shirt and watched the 10.30 PM news with me in them ^^

    you can have a look at the pictures of the practise here

    Greetings Alex


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